About the Songs

Sweet Water Women's original songs come to us through meditation, dreams, vision and inspiration and carry powerful messages of respect, gratitude and the celebration of life.  We precede each song with a short introduction, or teaching, so those listening can connect their Heart with the message of the Song.  The songs are sung to uplift and encourage one another, and to honour Mother Earth, our Ancestors, and All our Relations.


Words to Sweet Water Songs


In this song list we are providing you with a short introduction of each song to help connect your Heart with the Song and Prayer.


1            Kwan-Do Daey – Welcome from the heart             Drum-d             (d-Darlene, D-Deb, L-Linda, M-Marilyn)

We are giving a big welcome from the heart to the Grandmothers, the Grandfathers, and our Ancestors.  In the last verse we are welcoming everyone through our Heartbeat.  This song can also be sung to honour a person for their achievements..

Guest Vocals – Tanglefoot.

                             Hey~ Kwan~Do~Daey~o~hey~kwan-Do-Daey~!


2            Miigwetch Wi Wewin Namewin – Thanksgiving Prayer                 Drum-d; Shaker-L,M; Seed Rattle-D;Bells-d; Deer Nails-d

              This is a compilation of many different prayers of thanksgiving.  The melody came from Spirit. 

                             Miigwetch Gzhemnidoo kina gego emiizhiyaang!  (Spoken)

                             Miigwetch gigii Shkagamik-Kwe, gii-miizhiyaang bimaadiziwin, gii-miizhiyaang miijim!

                             Miigwetch gigii Shkagamik-Kwe gii-miizhiyaang nbi, gii-miizhiyaang wesiinhyig miinwa, gii-miizhiyaang nesewin!

                            (Chant)     Way ya hey ~ ya way ya hey!

                                           Way ya hey ~ a way ya hey ~ a way ya hey!

                                           A way hi yo!

                             Miigwetch nongo maanda gii-zhgak, we-we-ni-ji-mino gna-waabimag nwii-ji-bimaadis!

                             Miigwetch niiwo niki-wing Waabanong, Zhaawanong, Epingishmog, miinwa Giiwedinong!

                            (Chant)     Repeat of first chant.


                            Thank you Creator for all the things that you have given!

                            Thank you too Mother Earth for giving us life, for giving us food!

                            Thank you too Mother Earth for giving us water, for giving us the animals and for giving us the air we breathe!

                            I say thank you for this day that I will look upon everyone in a good way!

                            I offer my thank you to the Four Directions, East, South, West and North!    


3            Cat’s Lullaby                                                                       Eggs-D; Shaker-M; Drums-L,d

This song was inspired by Gracey the cat.  It sings of taking life’s many challenges in our stride, slowing down, picking up one thing at a time, and taking on only what we can handle.  Guest Vocals – Tanglefoot.

                            Ho~o ya~a~ya! Ho~o ya~a~ya! Ho~o ya~a~ya ho~!


4            Gratitude to the Ancestors                            Drum-M, Shaker-D,L; Bones-d; Bodhran-D; Bells-d,D; Seed Rattle-d

Giving gratitude to our Ancestors for all they have given us, for all they have done in taking care of Mother Earth in the past, and for all they continue to do for us in Spirit.

                            Yaa way a-way ya hey ii!              Yaa way a-way ya hey ii!              Yaa way a-way ya hey ii yoo!


5            Heart Song                                                                    Drums-d,L,M; Caxixi Basket Rattles-D

This is about the importance of remembering our roots, our cultures, and sharing the teachings of our Ancestors.  The  single beat tells of the loss of the old ways and culture, and the heartbeat reminds us we must dig down deep to reclaim our roots.

                           Waaay he-e-ey-ya hey – Oh yaaa a-a-a-a-oh-way! (lead)

                           Waaay he-e-ey-ya hey – Oh yaaa a-a-a-a-ah-way! (single beat)

                           Oh ya ya, Oh ya ya-a, Oh ya yaa-aaaaa! (heart beat)


6            Buffalo Medicine                                                             Drums-d,L; Shakers-M; Seed Rattle-D; Bells-d,D

              We sing of a time of abundance, and as the abundance comes into our lives, so must it also flow out.

                           Buffalo Medicine’s com~i~i~ing!  Can you hear it?             Buffalo Medicine’s com~ing!

                           Buffalo Medicine’s com~i~i~ing!  Can you feel it?              Buffalo Medicine’s com~i~i~ing!

                           (Chant)         Way~a hey~ya hey~hi~ya!

                                              Way~a hey~ya hey~hi~ya!

                                              Way~a hey~ya hey hi~ya ya ya ya!

                           Buffalo Medicine’s call~i~i~ing!  Can you hear it?              Buffalo Medicine’s call~ing!

                           Buffalo Medicine’s call~i~i~ing!  Can you feel it?               Buffalo Medicine’s call~i~i~ing!

                           (Chant)         Repeat of first chant.  


7            Song of the Wanderer                                                       Shakers-d,L,M; Eggs-D; Seed Rattle-d                           

We have all had a time in our lives when we have had to move on and leave something we have out-grown.  It is difficult, but at the same time there is much to look forward to.

                            Away hi yo, away hi~yo!                            Away hi yo, away hi~yo!

                            Away hi yo~ho~o~away hi yo~!                  Away hi yo~ho~o~away hi yo!


8            Ngii Bwaa Naa Migizi – I dreamed of the Eagle                    Drums-d,D,L; Rain Stick-d; Seed Rattle-D

              This is an Eagle Honour Song.  For this album, we sing to honour all those people who give of themselves in service to others.


                            Gzhemnido ngii bwaa naa Migizi!  Gzhemnido ngii bwaa naa Migizi!    

                            Miigwetch Gzhemnido gaa bi yaat Migiz!i  Gzhemnido ngii bwaa naa Migizi!

                            Gzhemnido ngii noondwa Migizi!  Gzhemnido ngii noondwa Migizi!

                            Miigwetch Gzhemnido gaa bi yaat Migizi! Gzhemnido ngii noondwa Migizi!

                            Gzhemnido ngii waabma Migizi!  Gzhemnido ngii waabma Migizi!

                            Miigwetch Gzhemnido gaa bi yaat Migizi!  Gzhemnido ngii waabma Migizi!

                            (Chant)     Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi!

                                           Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi!

                                           Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi~yi~yi!

                                           Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi~yi~yi   Yi!                                           

                            Gzhemnido nwii jii waa Migizi!  Gzhemnido nwii jii waa Migizi!

                            Miigwetch Gzhemnido gaa bi yaat Migizi!  Gzhemnido nwii jii waa Migizi!

                            (Chant)     Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi!

                                           Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi!

                                           Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi~yi~yi!

                                           Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi~yi~yi    Ai~yi~yi~yi  Yi!

                                           Oh~~~Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi~yi~yi   Ai~yi~yi~yi   Yi!

                                           Ai~yi-yi~yi Ai~yi~yi~yi Ai~yi~yi~yi Yi!


                            Creator I dreamed of the Eagle!  Thank you Creator for bringing in the Eagle!  Creator, I dreamed of the Eagle!

                            Creator I heard  the Eagle!  Thank you Creator for bringing in the Eagle!  Creator, I heard the Eagle!

                            Creator I saw the Eagle!  Thank you Creator for bringing in the Eagle!  Creator, I saw the Eagle!

                            Creator I go with the Eagle!  Thank you Creator for bringing in the Eagle!  Creator I go with the Eagle!


9a          Sweet Water Prayer                                                        Didjeridoo-d; Drum-L

Earth Mother, please forgive me for what I have inflicted onto your body.  The Sweet Water that runs through your veins suffers because of my ignorance and greed.  We sing to you, Water Spirits, bringing Prayers of love and hope, that as Nations standing together we will begin to heal your suffering.  Miigwetch!  Translation of Prayer into Cree by Marilyn Sutherland.


9b          Sweet Water                                                                    Didjeridoo-d; Drum-L,D; Water Shakers-d,M

              We sing to the Spirit of the Water in gratitude, for without water there would be no life. 

                            Hunna~ah hunna~ah hunna way~yo!              Hunna~ah hunna way~yo way~yo!


10          Rain and Thunder – recorded by Darlene.

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