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Sent: Monday, November 14, 2005 10:53 PM


We had a ball.  You could feel the love in the room.  Allan and Sebastian.  The guys with the sing.  Xo xo


 You and the other members of the group --

marilyn, Linda, Darlene -- performed so beautifully. Your musicality, showmanship, warmth and enthusiasm were remarkable. I think you have great potential. I just hope you don't get so successful that you take off and leave us....


So Chi Miigwetch for your music.



hello linda...i just wanted to say how great your performance was. You can really tell how hard you have all worked and how connected you all are together...it was a wonderful experience and congrats you will be so successful in your work and love of the culture...I'll see you at science north...love Lee-Ann

WHOO OO!  What a night it was!





Had to leave because they are elderly and were tired.  Left with a smile on their face and your songs in their hearts.


CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done.


A perfect example of doing what your passion is and doing well with it.


Congratulations again...I am so proud of you.

Each of you added so much, so unique, so wonderful!


Must close,


LOVE's Witness



What an amazing evening.  As always I enjoyed each moment.  My 10 year old and 18 year old are playing the CD this morning.

Thank you Linda


wow you girls are gonna be really busy, best of luck to you all and im very proud of you ... it travles you know, honest i feel really proud... to see such beautiful anishnabe kwe. at their finest.


The SUDBURY STAR--Thursday, November 17, 2005 - C7

 Congratulations to Sweet Water Women


To the Editor:


I want too offer my congratulations to Darlene, Debbie, Linda and Marilyn, the members of Sweet Water Women.  Their CD release party at the Fraser Auditorium on Nov. 13 proved once again that music can help break down barriers.


The whole concert, and in particular their powerful music, brought together people from across a wide spectrum culturally, socially and age-wise.  What a wonderful accomplishment.


Sudbury and the world would do well to embrace events like this more often.



Enjoy tonight to its fullest!!!!

This is what all the work has led up to.  There will never be another FIRST CD, there will never be another FIRST CD Launch party/concert.  It has taken years of work so that you may revel in this moment.  May you SAVOUR it with all the powers and spirits that have brought you to this moment.


Your music is such a positive influence and energy in my life.  May you sing and play and celebrate life to its fullest.  I cannot make it to Sudbury for this event, but I have a sense that if I concentrate & listen this evening, I will hear the energy emanating from Northern Ontario.


Thank you...

All the power to you to send the beauty and grace of your energy out to the rest of us.

And I thank god(whatever form that takes) that I have been privileged to hear you and meet you at a time when I needed healing sources in my life.


I thank the Powers That Be that I know you ladies.  The positive power that radiates from all of you is unfathomable.  It can only be driven by Mother Earth.  No other source is rich enough, deep enough or so pervasive.  May your energy spread with no finite bound.



I just heard your interview on CBC and send my best wishes for a wonderful time tomorrow evening.  I wanted to come but was unable to at this time.  I just love your music and what you are doing to bring the messages to the directions.


Blessings to all the Sweet Water Women.  Hope to hear from you.



I want to tell you all, that immediately after your email that the CD was released, I bought one online. I met your group at Mill Race  Festival. Actually you sat right by my friend Dave and I, prior to your going onstage.  Dave took photos which he said he sent. We loved your music when you got on stage, then we happened to go to the restaurant your group and the South American group were at. We had a fun time with you all and Dave took more pictures out in the street.


    I LOVE the CD !!! I have been playing nothing else in my car since I received it. The ordering went smoothly and liked the friendly email I received. I was surprised that I felt  treated so personally. Not your normal online order treatment. They asked for a review and I added my comments. Now that I have listened to the CD over & over & over I love it even more. I was glad it included some laughter. That personalizes it, because that is the element of fun that you preform with. The rainstorm cleanses me each time I hear it.  I am already waiting for the next one !!! ---- no pressure!


    I hope your sales are amazing. I felt I had made some friends that night,-- you all had such warmth and I felt the wisdom that your journeys have brought. Being a woman on my own for the first time I saw the way you have bonded with each other. I don't have that kind of friendship near to me, but it opened my thoughts to the possilbility. Thank you for your spontanaeity! It is beautiful!

A friend,                                                              Bev


Hi Linda!


I'm sure I'll love you're cd, I really enjoyed listening to the sample, it

reminded me of being in the ceremonial circle.

  I'm just in the process of moving, so your cd is at my new address, so I haven't had chance to hear all of it, but am looking forward to having the opportunity very soon.  I'd love to be on your mailing list.


Thank you for the beautiful music.





Congratulations you wonderful musical women!! I enjoyed your performance and CD down at Ottawa Women's Music Festival..............Heather


I have just listened to SWW CD on the web and am very touched and moved Linda, and of course want to purchase some of the CD's as gifts for other sisters.  What a timely thing to receive this morning when I opened my computer....

With much gratitude and respect,



Hello all,

Congrats on your website, it looks great!

Just wanted to drop you all a line to tell you how super it was to meet y’all in Thunder Bay, and just how amazing I think you all are.  I was so very impressed with how beautifully your works have translated to CD (and now I get to enjoy the sounds of Sweetwater Women always).




Don't mention it dear sister of my Earth Clan! I was so moved by your contribution to Thundering Women Festival that I had to shout it across the land. I wrote a note to TWF thanking them for the beautiful First Nation sisters, I think my quote read "their drum beats within my spirit and my tears flow into the sweet water where their feet have splashed".


Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. Sweet Water Women are refreshing as spring water, satisfying a thirst but with a quench for more! Love you gals!


Arlene a.k.a. Kiash a.k.a. The Bird


Tweet tweet


Dear Sweet Water Women:

Thank you so much for your joyous e-card.  The photo of you exudes your loving, vibrant, and strong spirits.  Thank you Thank you Thank you all.  Your music and prayers reverberate with me in my heart and soul.  My friends and I loved you at the Kitchen and at the Sky Dome.  Keep up the great work.  On behalf of the planet, I offer you my most sincere gratitude.

With Hope, Peace, Joy, Love, and LIGHT forever


What a beautiful message and picture!!! I love the laughter on your faces :) And your CD, by the way, is absolutely wonderful and refreshing. I love you because you dare to stand out in what you do, all of you. Blessings this season to you too.

Chi Meegwetch ~ With gratitude,

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you ladies.


I keep playing your CD over and over again.


Since I saw your CD launching concert, now I can visualize your group on stage singing the song when I play it.




And a Happy Holidays to ALL of you.  I have been enjoying your CD - thank you for the gift of your creativity and for using your voices so powerfully.

Many blessings - with much love,


Right back at you, all you beautiful and talented women.  Just remember, when you get rich and famous, our charity really needs a sponsor.  Love yahs and god bless.  Wishing you all a healthy, happy, and safe New Year and much success in 2006.



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